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Plankton Manifesto

A plan to save one small blue planet

Beginning 600 hundred million years ago and for hundreds of millions of years plankton bloomed, harvested CO2 from the primordial atmosphere and stored energy from the sun in their oily bodies. They sank to the sea floor and became part of the rock and foundation of a small blue world. As a sideline they created enough oxygen for higher life forms, including man, to evolve.

OK perhaps ONE BIG MISTAKE was never expecting humans to rob the plankton graves and burn all that stored fossil energy as fuel in one micro-second of evolutionary time belching hundreds of billions of tonnes of CO2 back into the air so fast and furiously it is now decimating plankton and other marine life and turning the living seas to acid.

So we all make mistakes, here is a plan to fix the mess so pay careful attention!

Or if your full attention span is unavailable at the moment just watch Pico’s Minifesto Movie
(the pictures from space are Pico and his kin at their bloomin best!)

Read how Dr. Seuss championed the cause of saving the oceans in his tale of the Lorax… at the end of this page.